Glass Replacement

Glass Pro is a local business. As such, we know and feel for the devastation of the last few weeks caused by unrelenting fires in California. We also know that many folks lost homes, family, pets, and irreplaceable memories that won’t ever come back.

At Glass Pro, we understand the importance of community and coming together when things are rough. We also understand that with everything going on, many people have found that their sliding glass doors and windows have come under some rough weather. Our clients deserve the best, and broken isn’t it. We are committed to repairing all your broken glass needs at affordable prices. Your home, your family, and your loved ones are what matter most. Leave the broken glass replacements to us!

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A door can be someone’s first impression of you. Let us help you make your house into a home.


Whether it’s durability to the elements or protection of those who matter most, you can be confident we’ve got you covered.

Cost Effective

Our in-house staff eliminates expensive contractor fees and allows you to know exactly where your money is invested.


Durability is at the core of our promise to provide a smooth installation and a quality, long-lasting product.

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The team at Glass Pro is local and has been around for over 30 years. It’s safe to say that we know what it’s like to live in Fresno County, and we know how to take care of our customers. We offer brands and styles that have proven to stand the test of time. We work with our clients to ensure their glass is well maintained. Glass replacements and installations are also costly which is why we work to keep costs low for customers by offering to do everything ourselves.